Medical Information

We support you in the partial or total outsourcing of your Medical Information activity. Axelys Santé puts a dedicated team with 10 years’ experience at your service, offering a personalized, responsive, flexible and reliable response to your needs. A tailor-made solution and a recognized quality of service for a serene and confident collaboration.

Incoming calls & written InfoMed requests level 1 and 2.

On-call service.
Receiving requests 24/7.

Identification and notification of pharmacovigilance cases and quality complaints.

Crisis management. Batch recalls, shortages stock, etc.

Managing your requests for Medical Information and scientific questions

Medical Information Officers handle incoming calls and written requests, and respond orally or in writing according to the levels of demand specified in your requirements (level 1 & 2 requests). We also offer monthly reporting, to ensure reconciliation with your QA and Pharmacovigilance departments. Moreover, we monitor the KPIs associated with Medical Information, with a commitment to total transparency and continuous improvement of our services.

Our services includes ongoing medical-scientific monitoring and bibliographic research to keep you up to date with the latest advances and recommendations in the healthcare field. In addition, we assist you in drafting and updating your FAQs, and provide support in developing your specification requirements and information procedures.

Our on-call service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that your medical information needs are always met.

Notification of pharmacovigilance cases & quality complaints

Our teams are systematically trained in pharmacovigilance and quality complaints, in order to detect adverse effects, misuse, medication errors and other specific situations relating to pharmacovigilance or quality complaints. We ensure that essential information is collected and promptly forwarded to the appropriate contacts, in accordance with the deadlines defined in your requirements.

Crisis management

In the event of recalls or batch withdrawals, stock shortages or the implementation of quota systems, we quickly deploy a dedicated unit to manage the crisis situation. Our daily interaction with your depositary and our telephone hotline guarantee effective crisis management and business continuity.

At Axelys Santé, we are aware that medical information is a critical activity. Choosing us means entrusting this mission to an expert, efficient and quality-oriented partner. We remain available to meet your specific needs.

To find out more about how we can support your activities, do not hesitate to consult our services and contact our team of experts directly.